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"I just heard from my dad. He's been summoned to City Hall. Strange is requesting that Emergency Protocol 10 is activated."

Gotham City Hall is a town hall located in Gotham City. It is where elected officials and authorities make decisions based on events in Gotham. City Hall has been rebuilt several times due to destruction from criminals. It is usually located near the Wayne Enterprises building.


The Road to Arkham[]

The previous Hall was destroyed by the Joker in an attempt to kill the Mayor. It seemed like an intentional attack on the Mayor's Office, but it was all just a plan for his breakout. After the destruction of the building, The Joker took over Arkham Island and was eventually stopped by Batman.

Arkham City[]

"I've hacked into the council's CCTV. The council members are coming back. They don't look happy. They're telling Strange that they're disappointed in him. That they never believed Protocol 10 needed to be activated."
"But they gave him permission, didn't they?
Oracle and Batman[src]

The new Gotham City Hall was being constructed while Hugo Strange was forming his master plan for the upcoming Arkham City. Meanwhile, Strange was developing T&T, which was formed from two members of Two-Face's gang. T&T made many crimes and raids on Gotham City. During the opening ceremony for the new Hall, Quincy Sharp, Gotham's new mayor (who was being mind controlled by Strange), was announcing the opening when T&T attacked the ceremony, killing many people and it destroyed the building. Another building was constructed and it is unknown when it was constructed due to the fact that it was completed by the time Arkham City was open. The council voted to approve Protocol 10 (by the manipulation of Strange). However, they expressed their anger at Strange for letting Arkham's inmates roam wild. Batman eventually stopped Protocol 10 soon after. It is unknown what happened to the Hall after the events of Arkham City.


  • The Gotham City Hall can be seen from various points in Arkham City, including Wonder Tower and The Bowery.
  • Many mentions of the Hall are made in Batman: Arkham City, including the fact that the city hall voted to approve Strange's Protocol 10.