The eighth Clayface debuted in Batman #614 (June 2003), but was not formally introduced until Batman: Gotham Knights #60 (February 2005). Johnny Williams is introduced as a former firefighter in Gotham City who is transformed into a claylike creature by an explosion in a chemical plant. He first discovers his transformation after he accidentally kills a prostitute; horrified and stricken with guilt, he plans to commit suicide. Just then, he is approached by Hush and the Riddler, who tell him that the chemicals turned him into the latest Clayface. They begin to manipulate Williams, holding out the promise of a cure and making him do their bidding, including pretending to be Tommy Elliot (Hush's true identity) and an adult Jason Todd, to hurt and confuse Bruce Wayne. Eventually Williams realizes he is being manipulated. Knowing that he is going to die, he offers Batman assistance against Hush in exchange for protecting his family. He redeems himself in his death, also ensuring Alfred Pennyworth is cleared of murder.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Shape-shifting, body made out of clay, and other such Clayface abilities.



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