Clayface was a shape-shifting villain.


Clayface made an appearance in the 12th episode of the short-lived Birds Of Prey, and was portrayed by Kirk Baltz. That version of Clayface was a sculptor who was inspired by other people's pain. Like the other claylike villains who adopted the alias of Clayface, he was a shape-shifter, but his superpowers were explained that came from taking a special formula that was specifically tailored by a crooked scientist to work with his D.N.A. In that series, he is hired by The Joker to defeat Catwoman. He had a son dubbed "Chris Cassius" (a pun on "Cassius Clay," the birth-name of legendary boxer Muhammad Ali), who turned people into clay after he stole his father's formula, and ingested it, which made his superpowers similar to Clayface III.




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