The Batman 4th season episode, "Clayfaces" introduced Basil Karlo (in his first actual appearance outside of the comics) as the series' Clayface II, who was voiced by Wallace Langham and later by Lex Lang.


Basil Karlo was shown to be a nerdy, unattractive, and untalented actor. Karlo was seen repeatedly turned down in auditions for a dog food commercial when he heard that Clayface was about to be cured. Karlo broke into Wayne Tech and drank a refined, purified sample of the Clayface Formula. That successfully turned him into Clayface II. Karlo assumed a handsome form, and believed that his rejection was the result of his poor appearance, but ended rejected once again for a dog-food commercial thanks to his lousy acting. Karlo snapped and used his superpowers to attack the people who rejected him. At first, Karlo believed that incident would be the death of his career, but he then saw that being a super-villain gave him the media's attention (despite the fact that it also made him infamous), covered on nearly every channel (he stopped on the last channel, which showed his previous movie, The Revenge Of The Atomic Clone). He then went on a crime spree making it hard for Batman and Robin to stop him. Eventully after a battle with Batman, Robin, and the orginal Clayface, Karlo was injected with the Clayface Antidote, which seemingly restored him to normal. However, the episode's final scene showed that Clayface II still had his superpowers, thanks to The Joker encouraging him that he isn't cured. He reappeared in "The Batman/Superman Story, Part One" where he, along with Bane and Mr. Freeze, was in the employ of Black Mask, who teamed up with Lex Luthor and kidnapped Lois Lane as bait for a trap to lure in Superman. He was eventully deafted and later fights Batman as he is about to save Poison Ivy, but loses again

Powers and Abilities

Like the previous Clayface, Basil Karlo was capable of shape-shifting. While a terrible actor, the refined mutagen allowed Karlo to be much more powerful than his predecessor. Furthermore, he drank the entire beaker of the mutagen while Ethan merely sniffed a bit of it. Karlo's shape-shifting was of higher quality and he could even produce more complex weapons, such a rotating drill. Karlo's larger size also gave him greater strength as well.
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Despite being able to become anyone, Basil Karlo was a terrible actor, and it was easy to see through his deception when he tried to impersonate someone.

One of Clayface II's known weakness was extreme cold temperature. Karlo was easily frozen when he was in cold envirments


  • Ethan merely sniffed a bit of the mutagen that made him Clayface while Basil drank the entire beaker of it. This would explain alot including why Basil retained his power while Ethan didn't and while Basil is more powerful.
  • Clayface II is not captured by Rumor for some odd reason


The Batman

Season 4

Season 5

The Batman Strikes!

  • Issue #32
  • Issue #39 (Cameo)

Voiced by

  • Lex Lang (English)
  • Wallace Langham (Later On)
  • Tomohiro Nishimura (Japanese)
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