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The Clean Slate was a computer program used to delete identities from databases around the world in The Dark Knight Rises.



Rykin Data created a prototype computer program to erase people's identities from databases. This came to the attention of John Daggett, who purchased the company only to be unable to find any evidence of the program; this led Daggett to believe that the program was a myth. It had also come to the attention of Bruce Wayne, who had secretly acquired the Clean Slate tool to keep it out of the hands of someone dangerous. He later created his own version of the program.

The Dark Knight Rises

Selina Kyle agreed to copy Bruce Wayne's fingerprints in exchange for the Clean Slate tool from Daggett, in order to erase her criminal record, but Daggett did not keep his end of the bargain. Bruce would later tell Selina that a powerful friend of his had the tool and wanted to meet with her. Fearing for her life, she betrayed Batman and trapped him in Bane's lair instead of attempting to win his confidence that she was not someone dangerous. After Bruce escaped from the Pit and returned to Gotham City, he offered Selina Kyle a zip drive containing his own data version of the Clean Slate, on the deal that he was brought to Lucius Fox in order to save Gotham City, which Bane had taken over. Selina agreed and took the gadget, presumably meaning she erased her identity in the aftermath of the battle.


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