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Clownhunter is an anti-heroic vigilante in Gotham City fixated on killing the Joker and his supporters.


Living in the Narrows, Bao Pham witnessed his parent's brutal deaths at the hands of the Joker at the age of twelve. As he grew up and watched the Clown Price of Crime's body-count rise, he came to believe Batman wasn't going far enough and that the criminal needed to die. Five years after his parents' death, the Joker waged war on Gotham City, leading an endless army of criminals to attack Gotham. After watching some of his men burn down a comic book store, Bao finally decided to take matters into his own hands and became the Clownhunter. Using a baseball bat with a batarang attached to the end, he patrolled the Narrows and killed roughly twelve of Joker's men during the war.

In the aftermath of Joker's defeat, Batman confronted Boa at his room. Having heard that he'd been forced to fight his parents' zombified bodies during one of the fights, Clownhunter berated the Dark Knight for destroying their bodies and for not killing the Joker directly. In response, Batman told him to give up the vigilante path and gave him the contact details of Leslie Thompkins, warning him that he'd be arrested if he killed any more of Joker's thugs.

Sometime afterwards, Clownhunter tracked down Harley Quinn and planned to murder her for her involvement with his parent's murder. As he prepared to attack, Batman subdued him. However, another vigilante called Ghost-Maker subdued the Dark Knight and brought them to an abandoned area of Arkham Asylum. Freed from his restraints, Ghost-Maker offered Bao the opportunity to kill Quinn without Batman's intervention, hoping to prove the Dark Knight his point. Though he planned to go through with it, he relented after Quinn apologized for her actions. Bao then left the asylum whilst they confronted Ghost-Maker.


  • Bat-Bat: Clownhunter uses a baseball bat with a batarang attached to end. Having sharpened the edges, it can be used to fatally stab opponents in addition to the blunt-force trauma.
  • Firearms: Clownhunter has also made use of various firearms, including pistols and sniper rifles.
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