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Cobblepot Manor was the old mansion owned by Tucker Cobblepot, somewhere near Gotham City. This is where Esther Cobblepot gave birth to Oswald Cobbplepot.


The building's history is largely unknown. It was comparable to Wayne Manor, perhaps even larger. The aristocratic Cobblepots died at a relatively young age, under mysterious circumstances.[1]

Current status[]

The house, if it still stands, was not visited during the era when Oswald ran for Mayor.


Full details of the mansion cannot be surmised due to its sparse appearances in the prologue, although it undoubtedly was significantly large, being three stories tall and being enclosed with a gate bearing the family name. The only room that was seen in the mansion was a large circular room with a huge window and fireplace, located at the third floor. Presumably, it acted as the main reception area for the family. The room was connected to a hallway that led to large white doors (presumably the master bedroom, since the doctor and wetnurse were seen fleeing the area and Tucker was seen rushing into the room shortly after Oswald was born).

Other Appearances[]

Batman: Arkham Knight[]

In the video-game Batman: Arkham Knight, Cobblepot Manor can be found on Founder's Island. The island however is foreclosed and planned to be taken down for new buildings. Scanning the mansion answers the riddle of:

"This tumbledown ruin's not looking its best, what do you expect from the Penguin's old nest?"

The related Arkham Story revealed it was at the condemned Cobblepot Manor that the last heir of the Cobblepots, Oswald, aka Penguin, managed to form the front company North Refrigeration via a deed that had been stashed beneath the floorboards.


In the TV series Gotham, Oswald purchases a mansion to serve as Cobblepot Manor following his rise to power in the criminal-underworld. It is eventually claimed by Solomon Grundy when Grundy usurps Penguin's position as Gotham's don.

Also appearing in the series is the Van Dahl mansion which belongs to Penguin's biological father (played by Tucker's actor, Paul Reubens). Penguin takes over the mansion for himself.

Behind the Scenes[]

The name of the home originates from Daniel Waters' script.


  • The interior set was put together for a relatively low cost, near the end of shooting.


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