Colonel Gumm was a villain created for the 1960s Batman television series.


The character was identifiable by his pink suits he wore. Obsessed with stamps and alphabet soup, Colonel Gumm is an eccentric and dishonest man. He seems to be interested only in money, using his position as foreman at the Pink Chips Stamp Factory to manufacture counterfeit stamps. He worked for a rich woman with an affinity for the color pink, who owned a postage stamp factory. His schemes mostly had to do with the theft or counterfeit of postage stamps, often using many things from the factory as weapons, or he uses his knowledge of engraving and stamps to falsely establish himself as a dealer of rare stamps. Colonel Gumm usually used Sevaroff's Stamp Shop as a front for his activities and a hideout. He also used this location when he disguised himself as a local stamp dealer in order to offload his counterfeit stamps to unsuspecting millionaires, such as Bruce Wayne.

Weapons and Equipment

  • Enlarged Perforating and Coiling Machine - It is unknown what this machine could normally be used for, but in a pinch it can make life-size stamp replicas of unwanted crimefighters.
  • Undetachable Glue Pad - Used to hold items or people in place.
  • Colonel Gumm's Super Instant Glue Gone - Dissolves any glue in less than a second.

Known Associates

Colonel Gumm was almost always accompanied by his three henchmen, all of them working at the Pink Chips Stamp Factory:

  • Block (portrayed by Alex Rocco) - Colonel Gumm's henchman.
  • Cancelled (portrayed by Seymour Cassel) - Colonel Gumm's henchman.
  • Reprint (portrayed by Rico Cattani) - Colonel Gumm's henchman.
  • Pinky Pinkston (portrayed by Diane McBain) - Colonel Gumm's employer, She was in love with Batman and Bruce Wayne and was grossed out by The Green Hornet. Was kidnapped by Gumm when she discovered his illicit dealings.
  • The Joker - In the comic series called "Batman '66 Meets Green Hornet", wich shows the second team-up of Batman and Green Hornet, Colonel Gumm teams up with Joker.


  • Unlike many of the 60's villains he didn't try to trick or outwit Batman directly but was operating in secret. It was only the arrival of the Green Hornet, under his usual cover of muscling in on the Colonel's operation, that alerted Batman to Colonel Gumm. Diane McBain also played The Mad Hatter's female assistant Lisa.


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