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The Condiment King, created by Bruce Timm and Paul Dini for the Batman: The Animated Series, is a DC Comics villain who makes use of various condiments, sometimes capable of causing anaphylactic shock, as his weapons. He is generally used as comic relief within the series.


Batman: The Animated Series

Condiment King as he appears in Batman: The Animated Series.

The Condiment King first appeared in the episode 'Make Em Laugh', voiced by Stuart Pankin. The character was a throwback to the 1966 Adam West Batman series in that he was whimsical and made many condiment-based puns, for example: "The big bad Bat-guy. I knew you'd ketchup to me sooner or later. How I relished this meeting. You, the dynamic Dark Knight, versus me, the conceptual Condiment King! Come, Batman. Let's see if you can cut the mustard." Chased by Batman to the roof of the restaurant he robbed, he slipped on ketchup and fell down, nearly to his death. He was later revealed to be a stand-up comedian who was brainwashed by the Joker (using the Mad Hatter 's devices), whom he, along with several other comedians, had unwittingly spurned the previous year.


Chronologically, The Condiment King first appeared in Batgirl: Year One, as written by Chuck Dixon and Scott Beatty. Much like his animated counterpart, he is a comic relief villain that is easily taken down by Robin and Batgirl. He also appears in Birds of Prey #37, where is defeated by Black Canary, the third Robin, and Blue Beetle.

In Robin #171 (April 2008), Robin defeats the Condiment King again. Robin observes that the villain is potentially dangerous (if only because his condiment guns could cause anaphylactic shock), but his ludicrous nature prevents the justice department taking him seriously.

Later, the Condiment King is seemingly killed after being betrayed and bludgeoned by the Human Flame  with his own ketchup and mustard guns in the miniseries Final Crisis Aftermath: Run.


  • Batman once referred to him as "Mustard Man".
  • The 1992 version of Condiment King appeared as both a playable character in Lego Batman 3, and also appeared in the film The Lego Batman Movie. At one point in the film, Condiment King gets kicked in the groin by Batman when the latter is told by Joker that he can't fight him anymore.