Crispus Allen is a detective for the Major Crimes Unit and the first partner of Anna Ramirez in Batman: Gotham Knight.


Batman: Gotham Knight

When first recruited into the Major Crimes Unit (MCU) in the Gotham City Police Department and partnered with fellow detective Anna Ramirez, Crispus Alllen openly displayed a dislike of the vigilante actions of the Batman. He voiced his concerns to police Lt. James Gordon, who assured him that in time, he would learn to trust the vigilante. Allen's opinion remained unchanged however, and after only working in Gotham City for six weeks, he contemplated putting in a transfer. He and Ramirez were assigned the task of transporting convicted high-tech felon Jacob Feeley back to Arkham Asylum and after dropping the lunatic off, the two found themselves caught in the middle of a massive firefight between the forces of Sal Maroni's Thugs and the Russian's Thugs. As the gangsters sprayed the area with gunfire, Allen was thrown from his car and onto a rooftop where he witnessed the arrival of Batman, who single-handedly saved his partner from being killed by Maroni.

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