The Crossbow Clown was a Red Triangle Circus Gang thug that fired exploding, flame tipped crossbow bolts at assorted storefronts near Discount World. He wore a red tailcoat, uncle sam top hat and a skull mask on occasion.


Lighting of the Tree Ceremony

It seems likely that this clown was one of the stilt walking jugglers that attacked pedestrians in Gotham Plaza during the Lighting of the Tree. He was initially defeated with his cohort by the Batmobile's shin breaker blade extensions, knocked off his stilts into the snow.

Destroying storefronts

This clown fired exploding arrows at random storefronts along with another clown armed with a FIM-43 Redeye rocket launcher. The first bolt he fired destroyed the Sushi Club window on the Super Drug building. Other gangmembers like the Snake Woman started looting the stores, ordered to cause chaos to defame the Mayor after Oswald's bid announcement. Afterwards he removed his skull mask and began harassing a shopkeeper with another clown when Batman suddenly appeared to knock their heads together, freeing the man.

He was arrested offscreen.


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