Dala AKA Dala DuBois is a vampire, and ally of the vampiric super-villain known as The Monk. Dala is notable for being the very first female Batman Villain and also one of the antagonists in Batman's first ever two part story.


Golden Age (Earth 2)

Debuting in Detective Comics #32, Dala is a vampiric ally and minion of The Monk. She aids him in mesmerizing and manipulating Bruce Wayne's girlfriend Julie Madison. At the conclusiuon of the story, Dala is killed, sleeping in her coffin, by Batman, who used a gun loaded with silver bullets. This version of the character was native to Earth-Two of DC Comics' Multiverse.

Silver Age (Earth 1)

The Monk and Dala later return in a 1980s story which updates their origins and establishes them on Earth-One. In this version, Dala's full name is Dala DuBois and she is revealed as the Monk's sister. The duo were transformed into vampires in a voodoo ritual by ex-slaves on their Southern plantation in the 1800s. Both vampires are eventually captured and taken away by a priest named Father Green.

Post-Crisis (New Earth)

A third version of Dala (created as a result of changes to DC history in the Crisis on Infinite Earths) appears in the 2006 miniseries, Batman and the Mad Monk by Matt Wagner. Here, Dala is once again the Monk's minion, although she is not a vampire. Instead, Dala is a young Goth who has become one of the Monk's disciples and hopes to one day become a creature of the night as well.

Powers and Abilities

In her original incarnation, Dala possessed the standard vampire abilities-- immortality, blood-draining, mesmerism, shapeshifting, etc. The current version of Dala does not possess any superhuman abilities.

Other Appearences

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