Daniel Mockridge is a character in the television show Batman: The Animated Series.


Mockridge was a businessman in Gotham City who undermined Edward Nygma's work on the computer game The Maze of the Minotaur, which lead to Mockridge cheating Nygma out of a fortune. Years later Nygma became The Riddler, and attempted to kill him in a vendetta. The Riddler sends him a riddle to solve and then meets with Mockridge and captures him. Batman and Robin caught on to Nygma's plan and managed to save Mockridge. While The Riddler failed to kill Mockridge he managed to instill a lifelong fear of The Riddler's return in him which left Nygma satisfied.

Behind the Scenes

The character Fred Stickley who appeared in Batman Forever as Edward Nygma's boss is heavily based on Daniel Mockridge.

Appearances and references

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