"Die But Once"Edit

In New York City, Floyd Lawton's ex-wife goes to an apartment building looking for Floyd. The superintendent reveals that he serves as a message drop for him and she leaves a note.

Floyd meets with Silas, the former leader of a gang Floyd used to be part of, and they discuss the deaths of all of their former colleagues. Floyd is looking for work and Silas arranges a meeting with people working for El Jefe. Rick Flag and Sarge Steel are secretly watching him and it's revealed that Deadshot is infiltrating El Jefe's gang in order to kill him and that the mission is most likely suicide. Rick says that Floyd wouldn't take the job unless the odds were low. Rick thinks Floyd secretly has a deathwish.

Silas introduces Floyd, now dressed as Deadshot, to Ariosto, a subordinate to El Jefe who orders Deadshot to kill an alleged government informant as a test of loyalty. Without hesitation, Deadshot shoots the man and, when called on it, Deadshot threatens Ariosto and Silas saying he's tired of games. Ariosto declares the test to be passed and that Deadshot can meet El Jefe in about 6 months. Deadshot threatens to walk saying he wants to meet him so he can decide if he wants to work for El Jefe and Ariosto agrees to arrange it. En route Deadshot tosses away his microphone making Steel wonder if Deadshot's truly going to join El Jefe. Deadshot, Ariosto, Silas and several henchmen board a plane on which El Jefe actually is claiming he never stays anywhere for more than a few hours so he can't be killed. Deadshot kills him and all on board and blowing a hole through the plummeting plane. Black Orchid arrives and rescues him.

Back at Belle Reve, Amanda Waller talks to the team about their success and their next mission when Flo Crawley hands Deadshot the note from his ex-wife. He announces that he is leaving to handle some personal matters.

Meanwhile, Marnie reviews Deadshot's files. Simon LaGrieve confronts her again over her lack of objectivity and a kiss that passed between her and Floyd and Marnie decides the secret to unlocking Floyd's problems lies in his past. She takes a leave of absence to investigate Floyd's family.


"Die But Once"Edit



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