The Department of Extranormal Operations also known as DEO is a United States of America government agency which investigates, monitors, and processes all metahuman activities and persons. This agency's main goal is to prevent any threats to the general public about any extranormal superpowered people. The agency is headed by Former Infinity Inc Member Mister Bones. The agency's headquarters is located in New York and they report to the US Secretary of Metahuman Affairs which was originally Amanda Waller.

Villain of BatmanEdit

The D.E.O. first came to light in Gotham City when a Dr. Peter Malley merged with a sample from Clayface Cassius Payne to form into Clay-Thing. As it happened, Cameron Chase, on her way to visit her sister in Gotham before her very first D.E.O. assignment. Chase was contacted by an Agent Barrett and given the assignment of tracking Malley down. Naturally she crossed paths with the Batman, and the two (with Chase's unintentional use of her own metahuman powers), captured him. The D.E.O. also runs various facilities designed to house, train and study metahumans. One of their specimens, Greta Hayes, escaped, in which the D.E.O. called upon the newly formed Young Justice to recapture her. The team eventually learned that Hayes had been mistreated while in their possession and they let her go free. Hayes eventually joined their group as the Secret and led them back to the D.E.O. "orphanage" to free others like her.

Working with The JSAEdit

When President Lex Luthor's appointed his cabinet, Amanda Waller was charged with overseeing Bones and the D.E.O. Bones eventually came to odds with his former colleagues in the Justice Society of America when the D.E.O. requested the team's aid in eliminating Kobra from Blackhawk Island. Following the mission, the JSA discovered that Blackhawk Express operation on the island was owned by the D.E.O. The JSA felt as though they were duped into doing the agency's dirty work, and left in anger. Bones had again been ordered to enlist the JSA's help by an unrevealed superior. He demonstrated reluctance to further betray his former colleagues, but is indebted to the D.E.O.

In Other MediaEdit

  • In the film Green Lantern the DEO appears as an agency under the secret support of Sen. Robert Hammond. His son Dr. Hector Hammond is given the assignment of doing the autopsy of Abin Sur. The main member of the DEO, in the film, is Dr. Amanda Waller.
  • The organization also briefly appeared in the opening level of Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate, where they antagonized Catwoman and Batman, the former for stealing government files and the latter for assumed association with the former, respectively.


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