"The Case of the Chemical Syndicate"

Commissioner Gordon learns that a chemical industrialist named Lambert has just been murdered. It appears as if Lambert's son is guilty of the crime, but he confesses only to finding his father's body. A young friend of Gordon,Bruce Wayne is present at the crime scene and decides to investigate as Batman.

Exploring Lambert's contacts, he discovers the names of his old business partners, Steven Crane, Paul Rogers and Alfred Stryker. Shortly thereafter, Steven Crane is found dead in his home. Paul Rogers learns of the murder and seeks out the last surviving business partner, Alfred Stryker. But Stryker reveals himself to be behind the crimes and kidnaps Rogers. He wants total control over their business interests.

Batman swoops down inside of Stryker's chemical factory and rescues Rogers. Stryker tries to attack him but Batman beats him back, toppling the criminal into a vat of acid.


"The Case of the Chemical Syndicate"


  • Bruce Wayne/Batman (First Appearance)
  • Commissioner Gordon (First Appearance)
  • Alfred Stryker (Only appearance)
  • Jennings (Only appearance)
  • Lambert (Only appearance)
  • Lambert, Jr. (Only appearance)
  • Paul Rogers (Only appearance)
  • Steven Crane (Only appearance)




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