"The Batman Meets Doctor Death"

A villain named Dr. Death has created a deadly toxin that he intends on releasing upon the city's wealthy elite. But he is concerned that the Batman may cause him some trouble. He writes a classified ad in the Daily Globe beckoning Batman to meet him at an arranged location. Batman, recognizing that it is a trap meets him anyway. Dr. Death's goons try to kill Batman, but he manages to beat them down and escape.

Sometime later, Dr. Death sends his bodyguard Jabah out to poison one of Dr. Death’s entrepreneurial enemies. Batman saves the man’s life and trails Jabah back to Dr. Death's hideout. The two get into a fight and during the scuffle, Dr. Death’s laboratory catches fire. The flammable chemicals explode and it is presumed that Dr. Death dies in the blaze.


"The Batman Meets Doctor Death"





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