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Detective Comics #31 saw the publication of "Batman Versus the Vampire, Part One". The story sees Batman investigating the Monk, a mysterious hooded hypnotist who has ensnared his fiancé Julie Madison. The story was co-written by Gardner Fox and Bill Finger, and drawn by Bob Kane and Sheldon Moldoff.

"Batman Versus the Vampire, Part One"[]


Whilst on patrol one night, Batman stumbles upon a man being attacked by a woman under the orders of "the Monk". After saving the man, Batman recognizes the woman as his fiancée Julie Madison, who quickly regains consciousness. After taking her home, Batman asks her to contact his alter-ego and visits her the following morning as Bruce Wayne. Taking Julie to see a therapist, they learn from him that she has fallen under hypnotism. However, the doctor falls into a trance an recommends that she visit Hungary, stirring Bruce's suspicions further.

Though they follow his advice and arrange a sole ticket for her, Bruce decides to keep an eye on her as Batman. Deciding to leave in the recently finished Batgyro, he also equips a newly developed "Baterang". After arriving on her boat, Batman encounters the Monk, who uses hypnotism on both him and Julie. However, Batman throws the Baterang to distract the criminal, breaking the trance and allowing him to escape. However, he is forced to leave Julie behind.

Determined to keep up the chase, Batman follows them to Paris. After several nights search the city, he eventually discovers the Monk's lair and Julie. However, he is set upon by a large gorilla, forcing him into a net trap set up by the Monk. After snaring him within it, the Monk leaves Batman to be lowered into a pit of snakes. However, Batman uses his Baterang to knock the lever and break a chandelier, allowing him to cut himself free.

As he chases after the Monk, Batman is caught in a cage and is confronted by the Monk's gorilla. As he leaves, the criminal goads his retreat to Hungary and his plans to feed Julie to his werewolves. Out of options, Batman uses the rope to escape from the trap, knocking out the guarding henchman. As he leaves, Batman notices a car leaving the hideout and catches up, using a gas capsule to knock the driver out. Investigating inside, Batman find Julie and takes her into the Batgyro. Deciding to get vengeance on the Monk, Batman decides to follow him to Hungary and stop him...



  • Batman/Bruce Wayne
  • The Monk (First Appearance)
    • The Monk's Gorilla (Only appearance)
    • Julie Madison (First Appearance)
    • The Monk's Guard (Only appearance)
    • Doctor Trent (Only appearance)
  • Unnamed Victim (Only appearance)


  • New York City
  • Gotham City (Retconned Appearance)
    • Julie Madison's Residence (Only appearance)
    • Lunar Lines (Only appearance)
    • Wayne Manor
      • Batgyro's Hanger (First Appearance)
  • France
    • Paris
      • The Monk's Paris Lair (Only appearance)
  • Hungary (Mentioned only)




  • Snakes
  • Werewolves (Mentioned only)