"The Batman Wars Against the Dirigible of Doom"

Above the crowded streets of Manhattan, a dirigible uses a terrible death-ray killing thousands. Batman investigates, believing Prof Carl Kruger, a self-styled Napoleon, to be responsible. Batman breaks up a meeting between Kruger and his lieutenants, but he is nearly killed when the building is burned down.

Batman visits one of Kruger’s men the following night and is led to Kruger’s hideout. Batman tries to sabotage the dirigible, but he is shot. Only his bullet-proof vest saves his life. When Kruger attacks the city in his dirigible again, Batman crashes the Batplane into it, causing them to crash. Batman escapes death, but Kruger dies as his plane is brought down in the river.







Behind the scenes

  • This issue was the first time the circumstances involved in the murder of Bruce Wayne's parents, and how he became Batman, were revealed.
  • Bruce Wayne’s parents were ruthlessly gunned down by a stick-up man. Vowing to avenge their death, Bruce dedicated himself to the achievement of physical and mental perfection. Using his unsurpassed skills, Bruce decides to begin his war on crime when he reaches adulthood. When a bat flies through an open window, Bruce is inspired to become a creature of the night, the Batman.


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