"Peril in Paris"Edit

Having just defeated the Monk, Batman returns to his hotel in Paris. Outside his hotel he finds Charles and Karel Maire. Charles is a man without a face. He tells Bruce Wayne that Karel and he once attended a Bal Masque hosted by the Duc D'Orterre. The Duc desired Charles' wife, and when he resisted, he used his mad technology to remove Charles' face.

Batman goes to the Duc's mansion. D'Orterre captures him and straps Batman to a torture wheel in the basement of his house. He then turns his sights on reclaiming the affairs of Karel Maire. Batman escapes and uses his new Batplane to find D'Orterre's car. Leaping down from the plane onto the car, the two struggle. Karel frees herself and Batman and he leap from the vehicle before it sails off the edge of a cliff.




  • France
    • Paris




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