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Detective Comics #36 was published in February 1940. The issue saw the publication of the Batman story "Professor Hugo Strange", which introduced the title character and served as the first of many battles. The story was written by Bill Finger and presumably drawn by Bob Kane and Jerry Robinson.

"Professor Hugo Strange"[]


Whilst returning from a night on patrol, Batman spots a man attempting to escape a vehicle but be shot down. Arriving as the others flee, Batman confronts the man as he dies, hearing the words "fog" and "strange" before he perishes. After taking the man's notebook, Batman flees as the police arrive and pin him for the murder. Returning home, Bruce Wayne deduces that the man was referring to a fog created by Hugo Strange, one of the most dangerous criminals operating in the world. Investigating the notebook, he finds a list of banks and that the man had been an undercover G-Man investigating the gang.

At his base, Strange learns of the G-Man's death and Batman's appearance on the scene. Berating his thugs for not taking on Batman, Strange decides to proceed with his plans. Over the next night, a strange fog blankets the city. During it, Strange's men hit several banks and are able to flee due to the police's poor visibility. Batman, suspecting the crimes to be connected with the G-Man's investigations and the recent kidnapping of a scientist, decides to look into Strange's activities.

After several nights, Strange's thugs attempt to rob the Sterling Silver Company Warehouse. Disguising himself as a watchman, Batman infiltrate the building and subdues the group. After using a gun to draw the police's attention, Batman leaves the scene as the group are arrested. Learning of it, Strange realizes that the G-Man gave him enough information to deduce his plans and decides to set up a trap for the vigilante at his next target.

The following night, Batman arrives at the next target, only to find that Strange's men have set up an ambush for him. Using the environment, the vigilante is able to fight off most the group, though is knocked unconscious when one of them gets the drop on him. After taking him to their lair, the group have the Dark Knight bound, with Strange planning to torture him via lashing. However, Batman breaks free and uses a gas pellet to subdue the thugs. As Strange attempts to flee, Batman catches up to him, leading to a struggle and the criminal's defeat.

Investigating Strange's laboratory, Batman discovers the missing scientist, Henry Jenkins, and learns that Strange had kidnap him to create a machine capable of creating the dense fog. After freeing him, they work together to shut down the machine, ending the fog and Strange's reign of terror. Due to his actions, Strange is captured and the city begins to herald Batman as a hero. Imprisoned within the state penitentiary, Strange vows to escape and take revenge upon Batman...



  • Batman/Bruce Wayne
  • Commissioner Gordon
  • Professor Hugo Strange (First Appearance)
    • Strange Thug in Green Suit and Brown Fedora (Only appearance)
    • Strange Thug in Brown Checkered Suit (Only appearance)
    • Strange Thug with Black-Jack (Only appearance)
  • John Davis (Only appearance; dies)
  • Henry Jenkins (Only appearance)
  • Clancy (Only appearance)


  • Police Department
  • Hugo Strange's Thugs (First Appearance)
  • Sterling Silver Company (Only appearance)
  • Wolf Bros Fur Company (Only appearance)
  • F.B.I. (Mentioned only)