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Detective Comics #39 saw the publication of "The Horde of the Green Dragon!". The story sees Batman and Robin battling a group of criminals operating out of their city's Chinatown district. The story was presumably written by Bill Finger, and drawn by Bob Kane and Jerry Robinson.

"The Horde of the Green Dragon!"[]


On a dark night, millionaires Henry Crandall and John Cobb are kidnapped by a series of unknown group. During the capture of the latter, his chauffer is killed via a hatchet, which the attackers leave behind on the scene. News quickly spreads of the kidnapping and the demand a $100,000 ransom for their return. Meanwhile, Batman receives a message from Chinatown's unofficial mayor Wong. Meeting at his apartment, Wong asks for him to deal with a criminal group called the Green Dragon, who have been selling opium in the area. Unknown to both of them, they are being spied on by two members of the Green Dragon.

Arranging to meet the following night, Batman orders Robin to stay put whilst he visits Wong. However, he finds the mayor dead upon arrival, though finds a clue scratched into his desk giving the gang's location. Batman is attacked by two members, including a thug wielding a hatchet. After subduing his accomplice, Batman struggles with another, leading to them fall out from the building. The vigilante survives by using the man to cushion his fall, but is knocked unconscious from the impact.

Robin, having obtained Wong's address from Batman's records, defies his orders and investigates the apartment himself. Finding the grisly scene, he is able to find Wong's clue to Batman and follows it to a pier at Gotham Harbor. Unknown to Robin, he is followed by the surviving henchman and is captured. Robin is then brought before the Tong of the Green Dragon, who is revealed to have kidnapped the millionaires.

When Robin refuses to give Batman's address, the Tong forces him to duel one of his men with a wooden sword. Though outmatched, the Boy Wonder is able to defeat him using his slingshot and a steel pellet. Moments later, Batman arrives and joins the fight against the Green Dragon and his men. Swinging to the statue, he knocks it over to defeat a majority of the Green Dragon members. Batman then subdues the leader whilst Robin defeats the last of the members.

Having rescued both millionaires and disbanded a drug ring, Batman's exploits gain further admiration from the city's population. Though they mourn for the loss of Wong, both Bruce and Dick are thankful for his help in locating and putting an end to the gang.



  • Batman/Bruce Wayne
  • Robin/Dick Grayson
  • Julie Madison
  • Wong (Dies)
  • Green Dragon Tong (Only appearance)
  • Hatchet Man (Only appearance)
  • Hatchet Man's Accomplice (Only appearance)
  • Green Dragon Swordsman (Only appearance)
  • Henry Crandall (Only appearance)
  • John Cobb (Only appearance)
  • Crandall's Chauffeur (Only appearance; dies)




  • Green Dragon's Ship