"The Murders Of Clayface"

Actor Basil Karlo is driven mad when he learns that there would be a remake of one of his films with another actor in the lead-role. Adopting the alias of the film's villain, "Clayface," he wreaks havoc amongst the cast and crew of the remake before he is eventually stopped by Batman and Robin.

Julie Madison gets a part in the movie Dread Castle. One of the stars, Lorna Dane is murdered on the set. Lorna’s boyfriend is also killed, but he mumbles the word Clayface. Batman investigates and prevents the killer from getting Julie. When the killer is captured, he is revealed to be the make-up man, ex-actor Basil Karlo.



  • Batman
  • Robin
  • Julie Madison
  • The Joker (Cameo; cover only)
  • Clayface (First Appearance)
  • Roxy Brenner (Only appearance)
  • Fred Walker (Only appearance)
  • Kenneth Todd (Only appearance)
  • Lorna Dane (Only appearance)
  • Mr. Bentley (Only appearance)
  • Ned Norton (first appearance)



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