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"Twenty-Four Hours to Live"[]

Millionaire Jaspar Sneed is poisoned and given twenty-four hours to live. Sneed goes insane and begins trying to kill his family members, believing them to have been responsible for the poison. Batman learns of the case and acts to prevent the deaths of the family. Sneed eventually figures out the real killer is his butler, Barkis. Batman arrives in time to prevent Sneed from killing Barkis, but Sneed dies from the poison. Barkis then reveals that he is Sneed’s twin brother Richard in disguise. He was angry with Jaspar for mistreating a woman they both loved. Batman attempts to bring Richard Sneed to justice, but the man was poisoned himself and soon dies.



  • Batman
  • Robin
  • Linda Page
  • Jasper Sneed (Only appearance)
  • Barkis (Only appearance)
  • Lucille Sneed (Only appearance)
  • Jason Sneed (Only appearance)
  • Hosmer Clay (Only appearance)
  • Stanley (Only appearance)
  • John Harvey (Only appearance)
  • Hagar the Waxman (Only appearance)
  • Richard Sneed (Only appearance)