"A Gentleman in Gotham"

Michael Baffle, a jewel thief, travels to Gotham and enlists the aid of two thugs. Together they begin robbing society members of their valuables. The first target is Bruce Wayne, which brings him to the attention of Batman and Robin. The Dynamic Duo has several run-ins with Mr. Baffle, but the crook escapes after a battle with Batman.


"A Gentleman in Gotham"


  • Batman
  • Robin
  • Linda Page
  • Mr. Baffle (Only appearance)
  • Egg-Head (Only appearance)
  • Fish-Eyes (Only appearance)
  • Mrs. Davies (Only appearance)
  • Mrs. Hatter (Only appearance)




  • Other stories in this issue include "The Stumbling Saboteurs" (Spy), an untitled Cliff Crosby story, "The Daily Crime" (Crimson Avenger), "The Case of Station X" (Air Wave), "The Case of the Light that Blinds!" (Larry Steele, Private Detective), and "Case of the Wobbling Wizard" (Slam Bradley). The Cliff Crosby and Larry Steele, Private Detective features make their final appearances in Detective Comics with this issue.
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