"The Joker Walks the Last Mile"

The Joker turns himself in and confesses to his crimes. He is sent to the electric chair and executed. The Joker’s gang retrieves his body and revives him. Then Joker returns, but Batman can’t arrest him because he has legally paid for his crimes.

Joker then pretends to be an honest citizen while his mob carries on. The clown then tricks Batman into breaking the law, and nearly gets him arrested. However, Batman shows the police proof of the Joker’s new crimes. Joker is forced to flee and return to hiding.


"The Joker Walks the Last Mile"





  • Other stories in this issue include "The Commandos Are Coming" (Boy Commandos), "The Adventure of the Wild Men" (Crimson Avenger), "Murder in the Monument" (Spy), "The Mystery of His Master's Voice" (Air Wave), and "The Mystery of the Unfortunate Teddy Bear" (Slam Bradley). The Boy Commandos feature starts its run in Detective Comics with this issue.
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