"The Crimes Of Two-Face"

District Attorney Harvey Dent presents a case against the mobster Boss Moroni. Moroni believes that Dent is responsible for the death of his father, and as an act of vengeance throws acid at Dent's face, and now one side is scared horribly. This act unbalances him and causes him to turn to crime. Using Moroni's lucky coin, which Dent scarred on one side, he begins a criminal career as Two-Face. Batman and Robin try to stop Two-Face, but Batman feels sorry for Harvey because of the accident.

He believes that Harvey should wait for a plastic surgeon to return to America, but the Doctor is in a Nazi concentration camp. When Batman catches Two-Face, Two-Face flips his coin to decide his action, but it lands on its edge.


"The Crimes Of Two-Face"




Behind The Scenes

  • Harvey Kent's name will eventually become Harvey Dent.


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