Dick Grayson was a retired superhero named Nightwing who suffered a past injury which took his right eye and put a bullet in his spine. While Dick Grayson is only mentioned on the show, he appears in an issue of the 2010 unlimited Batman Beyond comic series. He makes his debut in the issue "Hush Beyond".


It is revealed that Dick Grayson retired from being Nightwing after being severely wounded in a fight with The Joker, he was in a coma for some time and his legs were temporarily paralyzed because of a bullet in his spine. He also lost his right eye and began wearing an eyepatch after the incident with The Joker. After this incident, Bruce and Dick stopped talking to each other and Bruce felt guilty for what happened to Dick.

50 years later, Dick owns an athletics training course. The new Batman, Terry McGinnis, visits Dick Grayson in Blüdhaven and questions him. Dick Grayson, along with Tim Drake, were suspects who were believed to be Hush. A new Hush had appeared in Gotham and it wasn't Tommy Elliot because Elliot was dead, according to Bruce Wayne.

It is revealed that the new Hush is actually a clone of Dick Grayson created by Amanda Waller who planned to have the clone be the new Batman in case anything happened to Bruce Wayne. However, the clone became corrupt and decided to adopt the identity of "Hush" instead. The clone looked exactly like Dick except younger and he wasn't missing his right eye.

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Raised as a circus acrobat, Dick was capable of incredible feats of agility and gymnastic skills. Later, he trained under Batman as well as other masters of martial arts, stealth, and detection that make him rival his former mentor. Even as Robin, Dick Grayson demonstrated that he could at least hold his own with the ninja Kyodai Ken in combat.

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