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Richard John "Dick" Grayson was Batman's first Robin until Batman fired and dissowned him.  After this, Dick went on to become the second incarnation of the Joker.


All-Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder

Dick Grayson was an acrobat in Haly's Circus with his parents and together they were known as the Flying Graysons.  Things changed when they travelled toGotham City and the Joker hired a gangster named Jocko-Boy Vanzetti to kill the Grayson parents as some sort of scheme he had to torment Batman.

Immediately after this, Dick was kidnapped by the Batman AKA Bruce Wayne who told him that he had been enlisted in a war.  Batman dragged the boy to Wayne Manor where he locked him in the Batcave underneith of it for days without fresh food or water, seeing if the boy could fend for himself.  WhenAlfred Pennyworth tried to bring him food, Batman assaulted and berrated the butler for stepping out of line.

Batman went on to force Dick to be his sidekick with Dick wanting to be called, "Robin Hood".  Batman however believed that hoods were a liability in combat and made Dick simply go by, "Robin" instead.  When the Green Lantern was sent to negotiate with Bruce about the Justice League not agreeing with his kidnapping, grooming and child-abuse, Bruce locked Green Lantern in a room painted yellow.  As a right of passage, Batman proceeded to force Robin to beat the depowered Green Lantern within an inch of his life.


Eventually, Batman grew to hate Dick and fired him for apparently being incompetent.  Batman even went so far as to replace him with a new Robin named Jason Todd who became his favourite.

The Dark Knight Strikes Again

At some point in the 1980s, Dick tried to prove himself by signing up for an experimental cell-enhancement procedure.  The procedure gave Dick regenerative healing and super-strength at the cost of his sanity.  Following this, Dick took up the moniker of the Joker (as the first Joker had been killed in 1986) and began murdering old superheroes.

By the time that Bruce had begun a new superhero movement, Dick had murdered the Creeper, the Question, the Martian Manhunter, and the Guardian.  With each murder he stole their costumes to wear on his own.  He later broke into the Batcave to try and murder Batman's third Robin and current Catgirl, Carrie Kelly.  When Batman arrived to stop him, he began relentlessly mocking Grayson before dropping him down a trap-door into a pit of lava to dissintegrate him.

Powers and Abilities


  • Regenerative Healing Factor:
  • Super-Strength:


  • Acrobatics:
  • Combat Training: