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Nightwing (Dick Grayson) was the original partner of Batman until he became the sworn protecter of Blüdhaven.


Early life[]

As a young boy Dick Grayson was raised in a family of Circus acrobats named the Flying Graysons. After the untimley death of his parents Dick Grayson was adopted by Bruce Wayne. Soon after being adopted he found Batman's lair and figured out that Bruce Wayne was Batman. Bruce then took him in and trained Dick into becoming Robin; Boy Wonder.

From Robin to Nightwing[]

As Robin, Dick became Batmans loyal sidekick in there fight against tyranny. Though as the years went by, Robin began becoming fed up as Batman's sidekick and left to protect another town known as Bludhaven on his own. One incident lead Batman to join his former partner in dealing with the vengeful Crazy Quilt. During this time, Dick began to air out his frustrations towards Batman, though it's unknown if he heard him. The two defeated Quilt and the two went on another case... with Robin playing the sidekick once again. After teaming up with two other sidekicks, Aqualad and Speedy; Robin defeated the vicious assassin Talia al Ghul and decided to move on and continue his career as the superhero known as Nightwing.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Martial Arts: Trained by the Batman, Dick is proficiently trained in combat and is a martial art specialist.
  • Weapons Specialist: Dick is very skilled when it comes to basic and complicated weaponry.
  • Technological Specialist: During his training Dick learned many engineering skills and abilities. Dick has been show to be able to create and dismantle tech like it was second nature to him.

Equipment and Technology[]

  • Robin Suit: The Robin Suit was fully equipted with a utility belt and special eyewear (Mask).
  • Utility Belt: The Utility belt is equipted with Birdarangs, grappling hooks, explosives and several other weapons.
  • Nightwing Suit: The Nightwing suit is specially equipted with guantlets on his arms and legs and a specially designed Mask.