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Dinosaur Island was a failed amusement park filled with robotic dinosaurs and neanderthals made to be hunted by guests.

There are technically two locations known as Dinosaur Island in DC Comics, the park being the first. The second was populated by actual living dinosaurs.


The Park

Dinosaur Island was created to be a sort of theme-park where guests could go on mock big-game hunting expeditions to kill dinosaurs and cave-men. The prehistoric creatures featured in the park were all robotic behemoths (which by modern standards are incredibly scientifically inaccurate and visually based off of pulp and movies from the time).

The park was created by a robotics engineer named Murray Wilson Hunt who decided to invite Batman and Robin to the park to participate in a mock white-hunting expedition. During the hunt, Hunt is knocked out by a criminal named Stephen Chase who proceeded to take control of the island.

Following this, Chase made the robots all try to legitimately kill Batman and Robin. Eventually the Dynamic Duo fought their way through the prehistoric creatures and captured Chase.

The status of the park remains unknown.


Following this adventure, Murray Wilson Hunt gave Batman the robotic T-Rex as a trophy (and in some stories, a "brontosaur"). It became a staple of the Batcave.

Appearances in Other Media

  • Batman: The Brave and the Bold: Gorilla Grodd operated off of this island, where his army of gorrilas used the various dinosaurs as mounts. He was thwarted by Batman and Plastic Man. Here, Dinosaur Island was an island in the Pacific unaffected by time and physics. It housed several species of dinosaurs, including tyrannosaurus rex and triceratops, as well as the flying reptile pteranodon.