Discount World is a small discount retail shop near Gotham Plaza.


Battle in the Streets of Gotham

When the Red Triangle Circus Gang started looting the small shops on this street, one of the torch jugglers fired an explosive crossbow into the Sushi Club section of the store. A clown armed with a FIM-43 Redeye fired a rocket while standing in front of the store at the opposite side of the street. Batman quickly appeared and prevented further property damage, engaging in a brawl with several clowns in font of the store. When surrounded and confronted by the rocket launcher clown, the Dark Knight unleashed the self-guided Super-Batarang which quickly neutralized the threat. Before the device could hit its final target, it was snatched out of the air by their Ratty Poodle. Batman then pulled a sword from the Sword Swallower's throat, before knocking him away. Suddenly the Thin Clown ran toward Batman with a time-bomb strapped to his chest. Sword still in hand, he cut the bomb from the clown's chest and knocked him out. Order restored, Batman walked away from the street with the bomb in hand.


Later after the Penguin took control of the Batmobile, Batman was forced to transform it into the Batmissile to flee the police. After emerging from a narrow alley the Batmissile struggled to turn a corner a high speed, swerving toward Discount World before rocketing across a bridge.




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