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Tottering on the brink of a deadly acid bath, Batman, covering his face with his cape, leaps off of the balance scale into the vat, and then to Robin's surprise climbs out. Unbeknownst to Robin, Alfred had insisted on using acid-proofed material to make their latest costumes. He then uses the acid to dissolve his bonds, and frees Robin.

Later, Batman appears in a televised debate with The Penguin, in which Penguin states that Batman associates with criminals, while he labels himself as an "associate with the law," despite his claim of "no mudslinging in this campaign" . The debate is interrupted by news of the GOONs' breaking into The Gotham City Convention Hall to steal the priceless collection of gems set up for display at an upcoming jeweler's convention. The Penguin and The Dynamic Duo both rush off to the Hall to thwart the crooks. After a heated fight (which is also televised and anchored by several news reporters), Penguin emerges victorious, giving him a wide lead over his caped opponent in the subsequent polls.

The final election results, however, show an increase of support for Batman. The Penguin, his campaign funds now depleted, realizes his political career is finished, thus forcing him to kidnap members of the election board on in an elaborate attempt to sway the votes in his favor.

Batman and Robin trace The Penguin to his hideout. There, they rescue the election board and package the Penguin along with the GOONs inside Penguin's own campaign literature machine. The Duo then tell Penguin that Batman won the election by an overwhelming margin, as the votes had already been counted when he kidnapped the board members.

Returning to police H.Q., The Caped Crusader turns down his new position in Mayor Lindseed's favor. Over the phone, Batman also talks to the two major political parties in the United States. Both offer him the 1968 nomination for President of the United States. The first offer he declines. The second offer he responds by saying he thought the party already had a candidate.


Mr. Freeze returns!



Guest cast[]

  • Gallus - George Furth
  • Rooper - Woodrow Parfrey
  • Trendek - Murray Roman
  • Chet Chumley - Dennis James
  • Debate Moderator - Jack Bailey (uncredited)
  • Walter Klondike - Don Wilson (uncredited)
  • David Dooley - Allen Ludden (uncredited)

Behind the scenes[]

The newscasters in the fight scene at the Convention Hall were imitations of three of the top TV newscasters of the day:

  • "Walter Klondike" was a parody of CBS Evening News anchor Walter Cronkite. He was played by Don Wilson, who was an announcer for Jack Benny on both his radio and television programs. Outside of subsequent interviews, this was Wilson's last on-screen role.
  • "Chet Chumley" and "David Dooley" were imitations (at least in name only) of Chet Huntley and David Brinkley, known for co-anchoring The Huntley-Brinkley Report on NBC from 1956 to 1970. Chet was played by sportscaster and game show host Dennis James, while David was portrayed by former GE College Bowl emcee Allen Ludden, who at that time was hosting the popular CBS game show Password.

Jack Bailey, who appeared uncredited as the debate moderator, was known for hosting Truth or Consequences during the mid-1950s, and better known for hosting the daytime testimonial game show Queen For a Day, which ran on radio and television for a combined 19 years.

In the epilogue, during the second phone call to Batman in the Commissioner's office- in which Batman states that, "I thought your party already had a candidate", the implication is that the second call was from the Democrat Party, then led by President Lyndon Johnson whom, though he served as president for just over a year following John Kennedy's assassination in November 1963, and also after overwhelmingly winning the 1964 election against Republican Barry Goldwater, was still eligible to run for re-election in 1968. Johnson opted out in March of that year when he declared in a televised address that, "I shall not seek, and I will not accept, the nomination of my party for another term as your president".

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