With the trusty aid of his acid-proofed Batcostume prepped by Alfred, The Caped Crusader leaps off the scale and into the acid, protecting his exposed face with his cape. He quickly climbs out of the vat, dips his hands into the acid to dissolve his bonds, and frees Robin. Later, Batman appears in a televised debate with The Penguin, in which Penguin states that Batman associates with criminals, while he labels himself as an "associate with the law," despite his claim of "no mudslinging in this campaign" . The debate is interrupted by news of The GOONs' breaking into The Gotham City Convention Hall and making off with the priceless collection of gems set up for display at an upcoming jeweler's convention. The Penguin and The Dynamic Duo rush off to thwart the crooks. After a heated fight, Penguin emerges victorious, giving him a wide lead over his caped opponent in the subsequent polls, but the final election results show an increase of support for Batman. The Penguin realizes his political career is becoming kaput, thus forcing him to kidnap members of the election board on in an elaborate attempt to sway the votes in his favor. The Dynamic Duo trace The Penguin to his hideout. There, they rescue the election board and package the Penguin along with his lackeys inside Penguin's own campaign literature machine. The Duo then tell Penguin that Batman won the election by an overwhelming margin, for the votes were already counted when he kidnapped the board of election members. Returning to police H.Q., The Caped Crusader turns down his new position in Mayor Lindseed's favor. Over the phone, Batman also talks to the two major political parties in the United States. Both offer him the 1968 nomination for President of the United States. The first offer he declines. The second offer he responds by saying he thought the party already had a canidate.


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