Doctor Moon is a criminal surgeon and geneticist. He usually works for other criminals for money, instead of pursuing his own schemes.


Doctor Moon is a scientist who is an expert in psychological conditioning and torture. He usually works for others, like Ra's al Ghul, Doctor Cyber and the Suicide Squad, in order to fund his experiments, and among other achievements, was responsible for turning Air Wave II into Maser. He was apparently killed by Manhunter when she stabbed him with his own scalpel.

Powers and Abilities

  • Psychology
  • Interrogation

In Other Media

  • Doctor Moon appears in the Justice League Unlimited episode "Question Authority" voiced by Jeffrey Combs (who was uncredited for the role). He appears as a member of Project Cadmus (replacing Hugo Strange). Doctor Moon is hired to get stolen information from the Question (also voiced by Jeffrey Combs) by using a machine that makes the Question see what will happen if the Justice League went rogue like the Justice Lords, but was taken down and almost killed by The Huntress before being stopped by Superman. He is later taken into custody.
  • Doctor Moon appears in an episode of Young Justice as a physician who tends to super-criminals.
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