Dr. Paul Dent also known as Doctor No-Face is a Silver Age Batman Villain who was obsessed with destroying and/or mutilating representations of faces due to his own lack of one.

History Edit

Dr. Paul Dent was an inventor who created a device intended to erase facial scars. However upon testing the device on himself, Dent's creation erased the doctor's entire face. Taking the alias of the Fantastic Dr. No-Face, Dent decided to become a super criminal intent on destroying the faces of statues and paintings due to his newfound hatred of faces. Dent was eventually defeated by Batman and Robin. This would be the character's only appearance in comics however he would be featured in the Bureau of Missing Villains.

Other Appearances Edit

The Brave and the Bold Edit

Dr. No-Face briefly appeared in the show Batman the Brave and the Bold in the episode A Bat Divided, where he is seen in a bar with other silver age super villains.

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