As a child, Barton Mathis went on several 'hunting trips' with his father. During these hunts, he watched as his father killed people and then cannibalized them. He would also witness his father being shot down by a young cop named James Gordon. After spending only a year in foster care, Barton disappeared for years before he resurfaced as the criminal Dollmaker. His mask is partially made of skin from his deceased father.

Gotham City

A Gotham City Serial Killer who creates "dolls" out of the skin and limbs of his victims. One night in Gotham City The Joker was being attacked by one of The Dollmaker's "family" members, but is eventually killed by Joker. Later, after being caught by Batman and brought to Arkham Asylum, The Joker is visited by a mysterious visitor, who could be Dollmaker or possibly one of his family members. The Joker seems to be expecting this mysterious visitor and compliments him on his choice of location for the "procedure". The two speak for a short while until the procedure takes place where the mysterious visitor cuts off The Joker's face.

Dollmaker also kidnaps James Gordon and makes a mask made out of skin for him.

Powers and Abilities

  • Expert Surgeon: Barton is a skilled surgeon, able to made dolls made of human flesh. He is so good in that, that he was able to make the dolls resemble specific human beings


  • The Dollmaker was one of many characters who was introduced into the DCnU (formerly known as DCU) after the 2011 relaunch.

In Other Media


See: Doctor Dulmacher

Dollmaker was also a behind-the-scenes antagonist in the Gotham episode "Selina Kyle", where he had two people, disguised as charity outreach representatives, abduct children and ship them to him in a foreign island, presumably for experiments. Both attempts failed.

Later in the season he appeared in a subplot involving Fish Mooney when she was kidnapped and taken to an island run by the Dollmaker where he holds other prisoners for organ harvesting. The character is named Francis Dulmacher.


See: Dollmaker (Michael Eklund)

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