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"I heard he wears makeup. Yeah, to scare people. You know, war paint."
―Dopey to Happy on the Joker[src]

Dopey was an accomplice of the Joker in the Robbery of Gotham National Bank.


Bank heist[]

Dopey and Happy went across to the roof of Gotham National Bank with a cable gun. While Dopey aided Happy in breaking open the security box, they conversed on why their boss was referred to as "the Joker," and speculated that it had to do with him wearing clown-like makeup in order to scare people. After he disabled the bank's alarm system on the roof, as well as commented that the silent alarm of the Bank was going to a private number instead of 9-1-1, Dopey was then shot in the back by Happy and was the first of the henchmen who died.

Dopey death1122334

Dopey's last moment.

Dopey's death was later referenced by Happy, who explained to Grumpy when he questioned his absence that he had killed him on the Joker's orders once he had accomplished his task and reasoned that it meant one less share for them. Grumpy then noted that he had received similar orders before he shot Happy shortly after the latter broke open the safe.


Behind the Scenes[]


A collectible Dopey mask.

  • Dopey took his call sign from the Dwarf Dopey of Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
  • The collectable mask for Dopey was depicted with strands of brown hair, yet in the film itself, it had red hair.


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