Double Dare were once featured entertainers from the French Cirque Sensationnel, Aliki and Margot Marceau embarked on a life of thievery, partially for fun and partially for the added wealth. Later in their criminal careers, they became less scrupulous, resorting to paid murder.



Their first appearance were in Nightwing #32, where Nightwing works his first case as a police officer, only to be assigned a case of criminals' own looters. Only seeing that boundaries are stated in Officer Dick Grayson's court, Nightwing follows them only to be caught up with Blockbuster's crew.

In Nightwing #33, after Nightwing finds out their names and history, Nightwing is left to face Blockbuster and his men and Double Dare. Nightwing finds out that like him, the Double Dare sisters have a circus past, but only to want more than from performing tricks.

In Nightwing #34, through all of their acrobatic skills, Blockbuster's men were easily beaten while Double Dare and Nightwing escaped capture. However, Blockbuster has more problems to be worried about, due to his need of a new heart, literally.

Villains United and Secret SixEdit

In Villains United #5, the newly founded gang of Secret Six find some quarrels within their own team, while Double Dare remains to be part of their adversary, the Secret Society of Super-Villains III.

In Secret Six #1, the Secret Six found out that their problems remain little toward their objective and remaining opposition, which Double Dare still seems to be a part of, even though most of the Society quit.

In Secret Six #2, still against the Society, Deadshot gets revenge against the Society's assassination against her lover, Knockout, by assassinating the assassin herself, Pistolera. The Secret Six barely escape the attempts on their lives and go seeking revenge, and in the process are reunited with a former teammate. Double Dare seems to have also quit the team, as well as the former others.

Recently, Double Dare is seen moving their own criminal business to Green Lantern's hometown during his other major problems.

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