Doug Moench is an American writer. Moench is a prolific contributor to Batman projects for DC Comics, he is best known for creating Nightslayer, Black Mask and Film Freak.

Batman worksEdit

Detective ComicsEdit

  • Detective Comics #526–566 (1983-1986)


  • Batman #0, 360–400, 481–559, 1,000,000 and Annual #10, 12, 13, 17–21 (1983-1986, 1992-1998)

Batman: Legends of the Dark KnightEdit

  • issues #11–15 ("Batman: Prey"), 46–49, 86–88, 137–141, 146–148 (1990-2001)

The Batman ChroniclesEdit

  • issues #1–3, 23 (1995-2001)

Batman: Book of the DeadEdit

Batman: Brotherhood of the BatEdit

Batman: Knight GalleryEdit


  • Catwoman #0, 25, 41–55 (1994-1998)

Catwoman: Guardian of GothamEdit

Batman: Dark Joker - The WildEdit

Batman/Spawn: War DevilEdit

Second crossover with Spawn.

Batman versus Predator II: BloodmatchEdit

  • issues 1–4 (1994-1995)

Batman & Dracula: Red RainEdit

With artist Kelley Jones, continued Batman: Bloodstorm and Batman: Crimson Mist.

Batman Masterpieces: Portraits of the Dark Knight and His WorldEdit

Batgirl: To Dare the DarknessEdit

Moench wrote a full length junior novel continuing the story of Barbara Wilson in Batman & Robin.


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