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Douglas Fredericks is a board member at Wayne Enterprises in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight Rises.


Batman Begins

Fredericks was a board member at Wayne Enterprises who questions whether or not Thomas Wayne would have taken the company public only to be silenced by CEO William Earle who told him that it was time to stop thinking about what Thomas Wayne would have done. He was also present when Bruce Wayne returned to Gotham and came to Wayne Enterprises looking for a job.

Fredericks later attended Bruce's thirtieth birthday party but left when Bruce acted drunk and called all of the people at the parties "phonies" and told them to get out. On his way out, Fredericks told Bruce, "the apple has fallen far from the tree."

After Wayne Enterprises had gone public, Bruce bought most of the shares and replaced Earle with Lucius Fox as CEO. Fredericks remained committed to the company.

The Dark Knight Rises

Eight years after the death of Harvey Dent, Wayne Enterprises was in dire straits financially after the presumed failure of the fusion reactor project and risky stock trades made three years later by Bruce Wayne that were committed through identity fraud. Bruce asked Miranda Tate to take over the company. Bruce attempted to join one of the board meetings but his rival, John Daggett, said that he was no longer a shareholder so Bruce had to go. Fredericks and another member of the board defended Bruce and said that he had every right to be at the meeting. Miranda then took over the board as the new chair and became company CEO.

The terrorist leader Bane took Fox and Tate hostage and asked Fox to choose a third board member to accompany them but Freedericks volunteered himself. Bane brought his three hostages down to the bunker where the fusion reactor was kept. Bane had Fredericks held at gunpoint by Barsad and told Fox to activate the machine. Fox declined to do so and Bane mentioned to him that there were eight other board members waiting before Tate told them to stop and went first in giving her handprint to the scanner. Lucius followed her lead. Their handprints activated the machine and Bane released the three of them.

After the riot that took place and Bane and Tate were dead, and Bruce was believed to have died in the riots, Fredericks and the rest of the board discussed what would happen to the Wayne residence. To get out of debt, the land and house would be sold to the city to be made into an orphanage while Bruce's belongings would be sold and the proceeds to be given to Alfred J. Pennyworth.

In other media

Gotham Tonight

Douglas Fredericks appears in Gotham Tonight. He speaks in an interview about Bruce Wayne.