Dr. Burton was the head doctor at Arkham Asylum.

Biography Edit

Harvey Dent's escapeEdit

Dr. Burton was the one who discovered that Harvey Dent had escaped, but upon entering his cell, discovered that he left a guard gagged, and a message that said: "The bat must die".

Studying Edward NygmaEdit

Later, Dr. Burton allowed Dr. Chase Meridian to visit the brain damaged Edward Nygma. Nygma claimed he knew the identity of Batman, but everyone found Riddler be unreasonably delusional with a lack of basic understanding for objective reality.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Dr. Burton's name and look was a reference to Tim Burton, who directed Batman and Batman Returns and given top billing producer credit on Batman Forever.
  • In an early script, Dr. Burton was replaced with Hugo Strange.
  • Dr. Burton appeared in a deleted scene in Batman Forever.
  • It's unknown why Dr. Burton didn't appear in Batman & Robin.
  • In the scrapped sequel of Batman & Robin, that was known as Batman Unchained, Dr. Burton was originally supposed to reappear. The film's unmade script revealed his complete name as Dr. Maxwell Burton and featured him as the therapist of Dr. Jonathan Crane, who would become the Scarecrow.[2]

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References Edit

  1. Although the name of Maxwell is never mentioned in the film series, the unmade Batman Unchained film would have revealed Maxwell as Dr. Burton's first name.
  2. Batman Unchained by Mark Protosevich
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