"No, man. That ain't what I heard at all. I heard that the Bat got him."
―Eddie to Nick about Batman[src]

Eddie was a derelict and mugger in Gotham City.


Eddie and his partner, Nick mugged a tourist family. He was at least partially remorseful for their crime, especially when Nick turned his gun on Jimmy.

He heard stories of "The Bat". He even heard that he was the one who killed Johnny Gobs. It scared Eddie so much that he insisted that he and Nick should get off the rooftops.

Batman caught them, and kicked Eddie through a loose hanging door. Eddie was later apprehended, carried to an ambulance on a stretcher, and writhed in pain.


Other Appearances

Eddie appeared in the 1990 arcade game called Batman after the film. He appeared as a frequent enemy in the first level, alongside others who somewhat resembled Nick and others. The character re-appeared in all subsequent levels, and worked as a henchmen for the Joker.


  • "Hey mister, give me a dollar. How about it? Just one dollar! Are you deaf, don't speak English?"
  • "Yeah, well, you shouldn't have turned your gun on the kid, man."


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