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Eva Green was a henchwoman of Dr. Jason Woodrue.


Eva Green was a henchwoman for the Floronic Man hired to spring Poison Ivy from Arkham, in Shadow of the Bat 56.She is first seen telling Victor Assetti's henchman "Eva Green and Holly are protecting the dealers". Little later they send a basket of flowers to Poison Ivy sending also a message in the Victorian language of flowers. At night Eva and Holly use a growing potion in a stalk under Ivy's window that grows and breaks the asylum wall. They take Ivy to an abandoned subway in Waters Road, but Ivy refuses and attack; in counterpart she takes punches both from Holly and Eva. Poison Ivy holds their arms and injects deadly toxins in them.

In the continuation (Shadow of the Bat #57) Floro treats them and they are seen beating Batman until he is knocked out. In the last part (Shadow of the Bat #58) she and Holly get their money while Batman is fighting Floro but he surprises them and they are last seen knocked out.

Powers and Abilities

  • None known.

Behind the scenes

  • Eva Green is the name of a real actress, notable for her portrayal of Vesper Lynd in Casino Royale (2006).
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