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John Marlowe was a friend of Bruce Wayne's with a vast art collection. He was a very wealthy scientist and inventor who invented a quantex wristband that allowed him to split into numerous clones.


Batman first confronts The Everywhere Man as he attempted to steal a collection of paintings from a gallery. After tricking Batman, he escapes into a closet and promptly disappeared without a trace. He again manages to escape the scene of the crime by duping Batman And Robin during their second encounter. The Dynamic Duo realize that they were dealing with multiple thieves dressed in the same attire rather than one sole culprit.

The Batman then suspects John Marlowe may be involved and begins to investigate. He soon learns that Marlowe has created a device which allows him to make multiple versions of himself and create carbon copies of anything he likes.

Batman and Robin later learn that the Everywhere Man is merely an energy duplicate imposing as Marlowe, who imprisoned the real Marlowe, and replicated numerous copies of himself.

The Everywhere Men duplicate themselves into an army to confront the heroes, but Batman tricks the duplicates into turning against each other, citing that the first duplicate can recall them at will, wiping them from existence. Some are still loyal to the first duplicate, but others are going to fight for their own survival, with no way to tell one from the other. The original duplicate is forced to recall all of them in the ensuing chaos, when the real Marlowe manages to get to the quantex, and recalls the last remaining duplicate, ridding the world of The Everywhere Man.

As it is not the actual Marlowe who committed the crimes, he receives no punishment for the thefts.

Behind the Scenes

Brandon Routh, who voiced Marlowe and his duplicates, is more well-known for starring as Superman in Superman Returns and Ray Palmer/The Atom in the Arrowverse.


Season 4

The Batman Strikes

Issue 45 (cameo)

Voiced by

  • Brandon Routh (English)
  • Fumitoshi Miyajima (Japanese)


  • He is possibly a substitute for Billy Numerous, as they both can duplicate themselves.