The Explosive Gel was one of Batman's core gadgets. This tool was used break walls and obstacles but could also be used to take down thugs. using structurally unsound walls. If a single spray of Explosive Gel was set off on a normal, structurally sound wall, the thug would only be knocked down and be made vulnerable to Crouching Takedowns.


Batman: Arkham Asylum

Explosive Gel could be used to stun or take down thugs, confuse Titan Henchmen, and destroy weak walls. It was also utilized to knock down the Titan-infected Joker for good during the latter's takeover of Arkham Island. On weaker substances, such as paper, it did not need to be detonated: it burned the object instead, such as Dr Young's Titan Forumla.

Explosive Gel Upgrades included:

  • Auto Proximity Detonation - Exploded when an enemy got near.
  • Multiple Frequency Detonator - Zoomed in on a specific Gel patch to detonate only that specific patch.

Batman: Arkham City

Batman used Explosive Gel to defeat Solomon Grundy. Although it was not used as often as the gel was in Arkham Asylum, it was still used as a Combat technique and could still be used to break open walls. The Multiple Frequency Detonation feature from the previous game was left intact from the start of the game, but the Auto Proximity Detection was removed - instead, Batman would be alerted whenever hostiles were close to a gel-applied surface. Batman was also able to drop a gel-coated Batarang to the floor and detonate it quickly, which allowed him to use explosive mines in busy combat situations.


  • Batman and Batgirl tended to only spray the Gel in a crude bat shape, whereas Robin sprayed it in a trade mark "R" symbol, and Azrael did it in a cross mark.
  • On Arkham Island, Batman got the Explosive Gel from the trunk of the Batmobile.
  • In the final battle of Batman: Arkham Asylum, Batman finished the Titan-infected Joker by spraying his right Knuckle with Explosive Gel, and detonated it as he connected with Titan-Joker's jaw.


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