The Fat Clown: “Um... Penguin? I mean... Killing sleeping children? Isn't that a little, uh...
The Penguin: “NO! It's a lot!
―The Fat Clown protesting and The Penguin killing him.[src]

The Fat Clown was a thug who worked for the Penguin, as a member of the Red Triangle Circus Gang. He was often seen alongside a Thin Clown.


Red Triangle Circus freak show

Little is known of Fat Clown's early life, except he was always obese and likely had a glandular problem. He traveled as the World's Fattest Man in the Red Triangle Circus freak show before turning to crime.

Lighting of the Tree Ceremony

Fat Clown participated in the storming of the Christmas tree lighting in Gotham Plaza, attempting to kidnap the mogul Max Shreck. Penguin eventually captured Shreck through the use of a trap door to the sewer. Later in the evening at the Arctic World exhibit in the Old Zoo, he dined at table with the rest of the gang hierarchy. He and several others assisted in the blackmailing of Shreck by passing along a Christmas stocking full of documents, toxic waste and a severed human hand.

Fat Clown was allowed to move into the upper level of Penguin's office building after Shreck successfully helped him gain acceptance from the public.

Relighting of the Tree Ceremony

Fat Clown assisted the more tech savvy members of the gang in tampering with the Batmobile, while Batman left the vehicle to rescue the Ice Princess.

Questioning the slaughter of children

Later, he was handed a dossier by the Penguin and ordered to kidnap the prepubescent first-born sons of Gotham's high society, while they were attending the Maxquerade Ball. However, the Fat Clown apparently drew the line at this crime and was the only member of the gang to question the slaughter of innocent children. Angry at this insubordination, Penguin murdered the Fat Clown by shooting him with a buckshot from his umbrella at short range. The Penguin kicked the Fat Clown's bullet-riddled corpse into the murky depths of the sewers.

Later, Max Shreck found the Fat Clown's body at the bottom of the sewers, took his Smith & Wesson Model 15-3 pistol, and shot Batman once, and Catwoman four times.

Behind the Scenes

  • In the past, it was discussed how the Fat Clown's Gun could have been functional after it was submerged in water because of the misconception that the rounds in a submerged gun would be ruined; however, the powder of round was sealed by the bullet at the end of the case and operated normally.
  • In the Batman Returns video game for the SNES, two versions of the Fat Clown were encountered: red (jumped towards Batman) & green (dashed toward Batman).


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