Feat of Clay is the first of a two-part episode of Batman: The Animated Series. It originally aired on September 8, 1992.


Roland Daggett develops a cream is called "Renuyu", a face cream which enables the user to modify their face to their desire, and which he secretly plans to sell through black marketeering since it will be rejected by stores for its addictive qualities. The only man addicted to the compound is Matt Hagen, an actor who was disfigured in a car accident. This chemical gives him the ability to alter his facial features without makeup, keeping his looks so that his public doesn't know he was horribly disfigured in an accident years ago. But in return for the stuff, Roland Daggett has him play 'roles' that aren't entirely legal.

To get more cream, Hagen commits crimes (disguised as Bruce Wayne) for Daggett in return for supplies of the formula after Daggett approached him at the burn clinic stating that "Renuyu cream" is much easier compared to years of plastic surgery. After Hagen botches an attempt to steal incriminating evidence from and kill Lucius Fox, but due to Batman's intervention, Daggett plots to have Hagen killed and cuts off his Renuyu supply, knowing that Hagen will come to steal some. The plan works, but Hagen however does not die when Daggett's henchmen Raymond Bell and Germs force-feed untested fluids down his mouth and leave him for dead. Instead, it morphs Hagen, becoming the deadly shape-shifter, Clayface. At the same time, Batman apprehends Bell, who states that "Bruce Wayne" helped in the attempt on Fox's life. Bell is handed over to the police but refuses to reveal anything about Daggett's involvement.

Meanwhile, Bruce sneaks into Fox's room in the hospital through the window to clear his name, but Fox, visibly frightened, summons the police guarding his door and Bruce is arrested.

Teddy Lupus, Hagen's stunt double and best friend (also the only other man who knows about his condition), finds Hagen's car in an alley. Approaching, he puts his hand on Hagen's shoulder, only to realize it has a consistency like that of clay. Hagen rises and looks into the rear-view mirror. Seeing that he has become a huge clay monster, he screams in horror.



  • Story by Marv Wolfman & Michael Reaves
  • Teleplay by Marv Wolfman
  • Directed by Dick Sebast
  • Supervising Composer by Shirley Walker
  • Music Composed by Jeff Atmajian, Carl Johnson
  • Animation Services by Akom Production Co.

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