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This man was one of the Joker's seven main Goons. Fedora briefly became the field leader after Bob the Goon's demise. His voice is angry and belligerent, with a thick New York accent.


This goon was presumably one of Grissom's men prior to swearing allegiance to Jack Napier.

Mob meeting[]

He was first seen in a meeting with the Gotham City Crimelords where the Joker killed Antoine Rotelli. This goon burst into the room with the Overweight Joker Goon, Gymnast Joker Goon and Tall Joker Goon all armed tommy guns. After threatening the mob leaders they ushered them out of the building.

Assassination of Vinnie Ricorso[]

Along with five other Joker goons, he disguised himself as a street mime in order to sneak up on Vinnie Ricorso's bodyguards and shoot them after the Joker stabbed Ricorso in the throat with a quill pen. His makeup included a large red stripe on his chin that blended with his red lips.

Incident at the Flugelheim[]

Fedora entered Flugelheim Museum and defaced priceless works of art. When Batman interrupted the project he gave chase in a Joker Goon Car and took shots at the Batmobile. After the chase, Fedora and Tall Goon shot Batman's chest plate, leaving visible bullet hit damage. While the others were puzzled Fedora realized it was body armor. Bob told Fedora to pull back the mask then Vicki Vale took a picture of them. Bob ordered them to shoot her but Batman jumped up from playing dead and back punched Fedora Goon and threw him into a open garbage can.

200th Anniversary Parade[]

He was later seen in Gotham City's 200th Anniversary Parade, and stood by Joker. When the Joker's Smylex balloons were stolen by Batman, he watched in shock as the Joker demanded that Bob hand over his gun and then, when Bob obeyed, shot him dead with it. After this Joker handed Bob's revolver to Fedora, to take his place. Joker ordered that they clear the streets for his confrontation with the Batwing. He then fired the gun in the air and yelled at the parade-goers who were still helping themselves to the Joker's large gift of cash to leave immediately.

It was unknown if he was killed by the collateral damage from the Batwing attack. Had he survived, he was captured by the GCPD as Commissioner Gordon stated at the Batsignal press conference.


Behind the Scenes[]

  • The Fedora Goon was played by Carl Chase. Chase has more lines than the other goons.

Other Appearances[]

Some goons in the Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64, MS DOS, MSX, ZX Spectrum and Amiga video game adaptions of the Batman film were based off Chase's character, who shot at Batman. That character appeared in the Gotham Cathedral Level.