The Firebreather was a thug who worked for the Penguin, as a member of the Red Triangle Circus Gang. He wore a costume that looked like a cross between a medieval court jester and a devil.


Lighting of the Tree CeremonyEdit

The Fire Breather used his trick fire-starting skills to terrorize the citizens of Gotham City as the Penguin set the Red Triangle Gang loose in Gotham Plaza. He burned some buildings and a few people when Batman, who was in the Batmobile, drove up. After he unsuccessfully tried to torch the Batmobile and unsuccessfully tried to set Batman on fire, the Firebreather got a taste of his own medicine when the Batmobile turned its rear flame on him, and drove away, which allowed Batman to set the pyromaniac on fire.

The Firebreather died from his burns.


Video gamesEdit

Behind the ScenesEdit

The Firebreather was played by circus performer John Strong, who also played Sword Swallower in the Red Triangle Gang. Originally the gift shop he vandalized was going to be a Batman themed gift shop, using real world merchandise from the first film. The set was actually built and filled to the brim with merchandise before it was redressed prior to shooting.

Censored momentsEdit

Among other things, Burton was forced to remove a sweeping master shot of a gang member setting citizens on fire to get a PG-13 rating.[1] While some of the jugglers setting people ablaze remain, this was most likely the Firebreather who is not shown attacking any innocents in the final cut. Warner Brothers has not released any deleted footage from this sequence other than Selina's "electroshock therapy" line.

Other media appearancesEdit

  • The Fire Breather appeared in the SNES video game adaptation of Batman Returns under the name Fire Clown. If the player avoided his fire attacks, it was likely that the attack would harm the other Red Triangle Gang members instead of Batman.


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