Ted Carson is the villain known as Firefly.


Firefly Ted Carson

Firefly's original appearance.

The Firefly and his gang crash a party at the Carson Mansion that Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson are attending. Batman and Robin attempt to interfere with the Firefly's theft of gold nuggets from the Carson family's first gold strike, but the Firefly blinds them momentarily with a powerful light beam from his helmet and insures his gang's getaway.

Later, Bruce Wayne finds Kathy Kane spurning him for Ted Carson, causing him to exclaim that he now has both the Firefly and Carson to worry about. Soon, Batman, Robin and Batwoman are summoned to combat the Firefly at the Gotham Glassworks, but they discover that the Firefly possesses a sonic weapon that can shatter glass and are forced to take cover while the criminals flee, though one is caught.

Later, Bruce Wayne calls upon Kathy Kane, only to find Ted Carson already there. After a few minutes, Ted gets up to leave and asks Bruce to see Kathy to dinner. After Bruce leaves, a fallen paper reveals to Kathy the Firefly's plans to rob the Gotham Museum of Natural History. She becomes Batwoman and travels to Ted Carson's house, telling him to become Batman and accompany her to foil the Firefly's plans, and revealing she saw him change from a uniform into civilian clothes at the party. Carson leaves, and emerges in his uniform--the Firefly's. He proceeds to tie Batwoman up and joins his gang at the museum, attempting to steal silver relics. But Batman and Robin have deduced his next crime-site and Batwoman has freed herself, and the crime-fighters bring the criminals down.


Ted Carson killed Garfield Lynns and made it look as if it was really Ted who had died. That way Ted could become Firefly and know that Cindy Cooke would point the finger at Lynns rather than Carson. He went on to attack a number of people involved in Cindy's life and eventually killed Amy Stevens and made it look like it was Cindy who died. He did this so that he could start a new life with her. He is eventually stopped by Nightwing and Batgirl.

Powers and Abilities

Firefly's suit gives Ted Carson the following abilities:

  • Flight
  • Fire Generation
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